The 5 Habits of Successful People Who Know Their ‘Why’

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between people who are successful and those who struggle but never seem to get there? At the core of these differences is one simple thing – successful people know and understand their ‘why.’ This understanding manifests itself in everything they say and do.

Your ‘why’ is the underlying reason for the goals you set and the things you want to achieve. If you can identify and understand this, you can approach all areas of your life with passion and authenticity. Here are the 5 habits of successful people who live according to their ‘why.’


1. Unbridled Enthusiasm

Successful people approach everything they do with unbridled enthusiasm. You can see how their eyes light up whenever they talk about their business. They can talk about it all day long and never get tired.

This enthusiasm helps when things aren’t so exciting or when faced with a difficult task. A successful person knows that every step along the way, no matter how mundane or insurmountable the task at hand, is helping them get to where they need to go.


2. Endless Motivation

Knowing your ‘why’ helps you to persevere when things get tough. It’s a certainty that you will run into bumps in the road as you work toward your goals. Everyone faces the risk of burning out or giving up.

Successful people perform well even when things are going wrong. They don’t get discouraged easily because they’re in tune with their underlying ‘why.’

3. Proactive, Not Reactive

We can see how successful people take action. They’re doers, not simply thinkers. They realize how their actions affect outcomes and adopt a proactive, rather than reactive, posture. They’re doing what they want to do, rather than just what needs to be done.


They can do this because they keep their ‘why’ close at hand. They have their eyes focused on the prize and can see how today’s actions lead to tomorrow’s results.


4. Positive Mindset

Positivity is a key ingredient to success in any field. People who know their ‘why’ can maintain positivity because they’re living their passion. When things don’t go as planned or they encounter a failure along the way, they consider this feedback and learn from it. Failures tell us where we can improve and what we need to change in order to move forward.


We often see successful people as risk-takers. They’re not just taking risks because they’re reckless. Their positive mindset enables them to try new things without fear of failure as it’s only a learning experience. In addition, the potential benefits outweigh the risk. Trying something new could put you closer to achieving your goal.


5. Self-Awareness

Successful people know exactly who they are. Identifying your ‘why’ reveals the underlying vision and values that drive you. This self-awareness enables you to be more confident. If you don’t know your ‘why,’ you may be taking action but it’s not leading anywhere.



Figuring out and clarifying what drives you is the one simple thing you can do today to unlock the door to future success.

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