The 5 Habits of Successful People Who Know Their ‘Why’

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between people who are successful and those who struggle but never seem to get there? At the core of these differences is one simple thing – successful people know and understand their ‘why.’ This understanding manifests itself in everything they say and do.

Your ‘why’ is the underlying reason for the goals you set and the things you want to achieve. If you can identify and understand this, you can approach all areas of your life with passion and authenticity. Here are the 5 habits of successful people who live according to their ‘why.’


1. Unbridled Enthusiasm

Successful people approach everything they do with unbridled enthusiasm. You can see how their eyes light up whenever they talk about their business. They can talk about it all day long and never get tired.

This enthusiasm helps when things aren’t so exciting or when faced with a difficult task. A successful person knows that every...

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How to Adapt Your Marketing Message to Social Media

Marketing on social media takes a bit of creativity. You have to adapt your marketing message to the platform and audience in order to reach your target market with your offering. The only way to get it right is through a bit of trial and error, but here are some guidelines to get you on the right track:


Choose the Right Platforms for Your Audience

The first step is to choose the right social media platforms to use. The best way to do this is to find out where your target audience hangs out and use the same platforms they use.

Each social media platform is different so it’s important to understand the characteristics of each:

  • Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media site. It’s a place where people interact with friends over common interests.
  • Twitter. Twitter is used for quick news and updates. People here are looking for the latest information on topics they care about.
  • Instagram. On Instagram, users share photos, images, and other visual content.
  • ...
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