Why I Believe Female Founders are Braver than Our Male Counterparts

ceo founders startups Aug 27, 2021

Last weekend, I watched the first episode of Serengeti on Netflix. It was amazing and humbling to see the bravery of the females, especially the lionesses.

As an expert in bravery and leadership, I am obsessed with understanding the challenges and superpowers of female founders and leaders.

Watching the humble, selfless, protective lionesses care for their cubs and each other is extremely reminiscent of the same behavior of female founders that I've studied. For example, lionesses are willing to go out on their own and leave the clan for the safety and wellbeing of their cubs. These incredible creatures exhibit bravery by putting the needs of their cubs before their own needs. Clan status, ego, food...nothing is more important than the needs of her cubs.

It is interesting to note that female founders are also more likely to incorporate social responsibility initiatives. Brave.

Female founders also start companies that solve female problems. They are intentional about the problems...

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